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For those who don't know me, I do love
Dwarf Fortress here and there. A while back I found Armok; a programming language inspired
by the stupendous amounts of !!fun!! dwarf fortress can be.

The only problem with the existing Armok is that it is written in C#, which I
didn't really know how to sort out in my Linux environment (I know I could use
mono, but I wanted a properly native environment). So there was only one thing
to do: write my own. c-armok was

At the moment its all working. Perhaps not the most efficient implementation,
but it is my first interpreter (I can't call it a compiler as it doesn't compile
into anything).

I now want to go on and add language features, I've got some ideas about using
stairs to handle jumps and such. But its been good fun hacking (and I mean
hacking in the open source, playing with code sense and not cracking) about
with C for a couple of days. The code could be prettier, but I think its simple
enough that it should be understandable to most people.

I've also got some thoughts on example programs involving more than one dwarf
and probably, lots more !!fun!!.