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Light and shade

I've been listening to the awesome new album Psychotic Symphony by Sons of Apollo. There's a lot of discussion comparing them to Portnoys (and Sherinians) ex-band Dream Theater, who have recorded three albums with new drummer Mike Mangini. I respect the music that the new DT are making, but I…

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The dangers of a passing test

Anyone who's done any automated testing will know that a failing test is a good thing. Why? Because it reveals problems. These problems aren't necessarily a part of the code under test, it could be a problem with the test or even the testing framework. But a passing test? They…

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5 years, 40,000 lines of code* and a degree

Today Two days ago heralds the end of my Master of Software Engineering (MEng Software Engineering) degree at Aberystwyth University. It's safe to say that four years of studies plus an industrial year at IBM Hursley have changed me. I came in with near to no computer science knowledge -…

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Talking at the BCS Show and Tell 03/05/13

Loving what you do

A week ago I was contacted by Prezi, a company which I first heard about at the Gregynog employability weekend in 2011. They had looked at my GitHub profile and had obviously liked what they saw. The job oppertunity was implied in the subject of the email, but required a…

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Flock: Maths through example

Until a better name approaches the recesses of my mind, Flock is my newest flocking simulator, building off an old simulator which I made two videos on. Rather than go with Java, which was my language of choice two years ago, I decided to try and learn a bit of…

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