Gregynog 2013

Gregynog Hall

So its that time of year when CVs get taken to pieces, embarrassing pictures are shown (with some censoring) and students quake in front of interviewers. Yes its the Gregynog employability event again.

Every year the department of computer science from Aberystwyth University take some of the second years who plan to take a year out to work in industry to the Gregynog hall to run a mock assessment centre.

Once again I’m along to give a presentation on my year in industry (this year with two fellow students, Matt and Matt) and on how to do social media. I always get thinking during this time, I know I’m not the best at using social media, but a quick google shows that my blog is in the first page of results for “Alexander D Brown” (not bad given how common that name is) and I’m top for “Alexander Brown Aberystwyth”.

This year I’ve got a few things I already want to do, and I haven’t even started my slot yet:

  • Get business cards.
  • Get a proper open source commit. I’ve got a few issues, an open source project that didn’t get off the ground enough.
  • Play with compilers. But that’s because I’m kind of interested nowadays (thanks to Jim Finnis and lana).
  • Look at, configure and play with Hadoop.
  • I’ll probably have added to that list by the end of tomorrow.

[Update 3 April, 2014]

The presentation I gave can be found here.