JDBC Realm with Entity Classes

For one of my university modules (specifically SEM5640 - Developing Advanced Internet Based Applications) I've been working to build a Java EE application which, amoungst other features, requires user authentication. A lot of the guides for setting up JDBC Realms use raw SQL to generate the database. However, because the…

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To Ghost!

Again, I change my mind and move to another blogging platform. This time it's Ghost, which features Markdown editing on site, rather than through the terminal, unlike my previous choice Pelican. Why move away from Pelican? Well it was turning out to be more of a pain than it was…

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Website Improvements - Essays

Over the past few days I've been working on my website and its mirror to include some of my essays in a more readable format (i.e. HTML). At the moment there is one on the growth of Top Level Domains in DNS and another on mobile monitoring (although the…

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STEM - Hack the Gibson

Two of my, now postgraduate, friends from university: Matt Pugh and Max Walker, ran a STEM activity for the Computer Science department. I was invited along to help run one of these sessions; providing the usual malarky of slide turner and general oddsbody, pointing those who were confused the the…

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Armok Logo


For those who don't know me, I do love Dwarf Fortress here and there. A while back I found Armok; a programming language inspired by the stupendous amounts of !!fun!! dwarf fortress can be. The only problem with the existing Armok is that it is written in C#, which I…

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Gregynog Hall

Gregynog 2013

So its that time of year when CVs get taken to pieces, embarrassing pictures are shown (with some censoring) and students quake in front of interviewers. Yes its the Gregynog employability event again. Every year the department of computer science from Aberystwyth University take some of the second years who…

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