ISPA 2013

On September 3rd, I was lucky enough to attend the 8th International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA 2013) which also happened to be my first academic conference. The reason for attending this was to present a paper and to generally network with other academics. The paper…

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A near miss

Last Monday I had a very near miss. In the early afternoon, when my girlfriend was about to make a nice late lunch, I got a call, which followed this sort of line: DC Williamson: Hello this is DC Williamson of Hammersimth police. Is Mr Brown in? Me: Yes speaking,…

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muttrc hipster picture

Office 365 in the Command Line

So Aberystwyth University recently made the change from a simple webmail-based email server (I believe it was running SquirrelMail, but I cannot say for certain) to the proprietary monolith that is Microsoft Office 365. Naturally, being a geek and all, a WUI-based wasn’t really for me, I much prefer…

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Raspberry Pi Media Centre

Like many others, I bought a Raspberry Pi with then intention of using it as a media centre. Last year my flatmate had a nice micro-server which we used to play and stream media around the flat. It was a really nice setup; running XBMC, UPnP and some other services.…

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Setting up and Such

Once again I have set up a blog. Initially Octopress was considered, but due to Celes (the VPS this is hosted on) does not like Ruby, I decided to find an alternative for Python instead. Pelican was a neat alternative for this and seems pretty nifty. We shall see how…

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