Aberystwyth University A 4-post collection

5 years, 40,000 lines of code* and a degree

Today Two days ago heralds the end of my Master of Software Engineering (MEng Software Engineering) degree at Aberystwyth University. It's safe to say that four years of studies plus an industrial year at IBM Hursley have changed me. I came in with near to no computer science knowledge -…

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Talking at the BCS Show and Tell 03/05/13

Loving what you do

A week ago I was contacted by Prezi, a company which I first heard about at the Gregynog employability weekend in 2011. They had looked at my GitHub profile and had obviously liked what they saw. The job oppertunity was implied in the subject of the email, but required a…

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Gregynog Hall

Gregynog 2013

So its that time of year when CVs get taken to pieces, embarrassing pictures are shown (with some censoring) and students quake in front of interviewers. Yes its the Gregynog employability event again. Every year the department of computer science from Aberystwyth University take some of the second years who…

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muttrc hipster picture

Office 365 in the Command Line

So Aberystwyth University recently made the change from a simple webmail-based email server (I believe it was running SquirrelMail, but I cannot say for certain) to the proprietary monolith that is Microsoft Office 365. Naturally, being a geek and all, a WUI-based wasn’t really for me, I much prefer…

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