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JDBC Realm with Entity Classes

For one of my university modules (specifically SEM5640 - Developing Advanced Internet Based Applications) I've been working to build a Java EE application which, amoungst other features, requires user authentication. A lot of the guides for setting up JDBC Realms use raw SQL to generate the database. However, because the…

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STEM - Hack the Gibson

Two of my, now postgraduate, friends from university: Matt Pugh and Max Walker, ran a STEM activity for the Computer Science department. I was invited along to help run one of these sessions; providing the usual malarky of slide turner and general oddsbody, pointing those who were confused the the…

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Armok Logo


For those who don't know me, I do love Dwarf Fortress here and there. A while back I found Armok; a programming language inspired by the stupendous amounts of !!fun!! dwarf fortress can be. The only problem with the existing Armok is that it is written in C#, which I…

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Office 365 in the Command Line

So Aberystwyth University recently made the change from a simple webmail-based email server (I believe it was running SquirrelMail, but I cannot say for certain) to the proprietary monolith that is Microsoft Office 365. Naturally, being a geek and all, a WUI-based wasn’t really for me, I much prefer…

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Raspberry Pi Media Centre

Like many others, I bought a Raspberry Pi with then intention of using it as a media centre. Last year my flatmate had a nice micro-server which we used to play and stream media around the flat. It was a really nice setup; running XBMC, UPnP and some other services.…

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