To Ghost!

Again, I change my mind and move to another blogging platform. This time it's Ghost, which features Markdown editing on site, rather than through the terminal, unlike my previous choice Pelican.

Why move away from Pelican? Well it was turning out to be more of a pain than it was worth in terms of feeds and other things.

Why Ghost then? Well it looks pretty cool and gives me a chance to play around with things like SSL on nginx. Okay the certificate is self-signed, but that does me just fine :-)

Plus having an in-browser editor is kind of cool, or more the ability to edit posts through browser.

All in all I do like Ghost, even though it was a small pain to install in such an underpowered VPS, I have also learned how to add swap space.

The install also cost me all my data and uptime, but that was expected when I re-imaged the server. It has freed up a load of space and my VPS no longer runs as slow anymore.